Sunday, 9 May 2010

A short trip to Poenari fortress in the day when Romanians celebrates the 1st May, known as the Day of work

Situated on the top of Fagarasi Mountains,The Poenari Castle is one of the most admired landmark from Romania. Some of the reasons are that it is surrounded by a magnificent landscape made by the Vidraru dam water and the beautiful peaks of Fagaras.Also it is situated near an other very beautiful place we can see in Romania and I'm talking here about the Transfagarasan.
I was very skeptical to go there since I've heard that I have to climb 1480 stairs until I'll be able to enjoy the view, but finally I must confess that I was pleasantly suprised and all my effort , my after foot muscle was rewarded.[slideshow][slideshow]
It was a wonderful experience because I'm a little fan of ruins from several years ago, when my history teacher took us on a trip to Neamt Fortress which impressed me very much at that time.
I also liked very much that , even we were there in the early morning we have discovered that a lot of people arrived with the same goals, to take a breath of strong and fresh mountain air, to spend time with their friends, to make sport and to collect beautiful memories.
When I was walking that stairs I realize once again that to reach an high objective and to be on top anyone of us has to face and to overcome all of the stairs or obstacles that stand in our ways.

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