Monday, 31 May 2010

Sunny Shiny Sunday

This Sunday I remembered how hard is to bring together some people even if your goal is a funny go out in a park. Everyone is coming with their own excuses, problems, stuff to do, impossibles hours to meet and so on. I can't even imagine what it takes to organize an event with five hundred or one thousand people.
I was happy to make that happen yesterday, even my goals weren't fully accomplish. We had a nice afternoon in the beautiful Herastrau Park, full with all kind of people, from little babies to adults who came together for a breathe of fresh air, a pleasant walk or a good reason for talk with each other. We also had the chance to stop for a minute to listen the actors from Masca Theater singing some traditional songs of different cultures from the world. I was lucky to hear my favorite song from the Russian culture, Calinca, malinca maia. After we sit on the green grass for almost an hour and walk on the shaded alley of the park we had the time and the inspiration to organize a short trip to Sighisoara for the next weekend. So long there![slideshow]

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