Monday, 31 May 2010

We played with fire at Eurovision and burned the podium

Saturday, 10 o'clock pm. To late to watch a long but good movie that we like usually to watch. But, hey we forgot that tonight is the Eurovision finale. The bad part of it is that ours Paula & Ovi are on the nineteen position for singing. But that doesn't matter, at least not for me. I intend to stay awake to the end of these show and to support our singers. Last year, i transformed my room into a dance ring especially for me throughout all the contest. This year I haven't the right mood for repet this experience so I would rather stay quiet listening to the 25 of Europe's best songs at this time. the fact that ours contestants will sing so late, submit me to the test of seeing at least another four good songs until the romanian reprezentation. I am amused by the representatives of Spain and like a bonus that guy from the audience who got on the stage during theirs funny "Algo pequienito". I like the boy from Belgium who plays about him and his guitar, a song a little bit dusty or too common in my boyfriend's opinion. I explain him that simple , retro sound is in trends right now and he will see this when this boy will take our place on podium, thing that happened during the votes count. It amazes me very pleasantly the Ireland representative with her voice, strong and sweet at the same time, but also the Turkish boys with their girl-robots.

It's coming the turn for ours beautiful and talented Romanians to play with the fair, singing "Playing with fire" and to burn the scene down. Paula seems very sexy at that piano.I would give them more than 12 points.
Together we feel that this is the winning song when we listen the young girl from Germany. me because I feel it very trendy and sounds same fresh as Avril Lavigne. him because he thinks that the song is somehow different from the others, it has his own rhythm.
I tend to change my mind after we had listen the Denmark representatives, with a very good staging and whose lyrics have stayed in my mind for some long time after...

"In a moment like this
Wanna know, wanna know,
Wanna know what you're looking for
Wanna know, wanna know,
Wanna know if you'll ask for more"
It comes the most intense moment of the evening. Surprisingly we both stood up at until this late hour.We begin to make assumptions based on geopolitical criterion. We can't believe how Romania is playing with the 5th and 6th position of the podium, and when he gets the 3 position I wonder "I see well or are we on the podium?" I kind do not believe it and expect to enter one more country to communicate theirs results and overthrow us.
I love the podium, with that dizzy kid from Germany who get afraid to play in the end because of his emotions on the top, the Turks with theirs rhythm, with that exuberant energy and their funny robogirls, and finally on the 3rd position on the podium our beautiful and talented Romanians who managed to overthrow voices, spectacular scenarios, nice apricot from Armenia and beautiful European woman with very good voices.

Congratulation once again.

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