Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Back to medieval times – the city of Sighisoara

A few days passed since I returned from a short but wonderful trip in the heart of Transylvania, in the beautiful medieval city of Sighisoara. Eager to escape from the dusty and warm Bucharest, I anxiously waited to meet with different places, also dusted by time which seems to succeed to preserve their charm for centuries.
Sighisoara, Schäsbrich, Schäßburg or Šesburχ as it is called by those who live there is located at a few hours of drive from Bucharest, hours that pass pretty quickly while you are captured by the beautiful landscapes beginning from the mountain resorts around Brasov city.
Once arrived there I was amazed by the beauty of the city, a city surrounded by mountains, much bigger than I expected, well cared and full of tourists from all parts of the world.[slideshow]
Sighisoara resonates in my mind since childhood and probably in the mind of many tourists with a magical city, a city with stories with princes and princesses, an archaic and medieval version of Disneyland. It would liked more if I would made this trip during the the Medieval Art Festival, when the city is animated by actors dressed in medieval costumes, with masks, wigs, vampire fangs and we could choose such a mask as a souvenir with a medieval flavor.
I liked that the people living there, whether they are Germans or Romanians care about the place they live and I am talking here about the conservation of the medieval appearance of the heritage buildings, but also about their homes many of them wearing the inscription "historical monument" .
Although when we decided to visit Sighisoara, we feared that we would not see there such a many interesting things, we have been contradicted by the many beautiful places of the city, starting with the Clock Tower which allows you to see the city and its surroundings for a few kilometers and continuing with other towers, impressive churches, the beautiful building of city hall, Transylvania narrow and colorful specific streets and many other delights for the eyes of tourists.
Although the age of the city, his general appearance of a small mountain town, could lead us to think that it hasn't all the conditions for the comfort of most demanding tourists coming all over the world I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of ways of accommodation, human kindness, good conditions offered at reasonable prices, the way they all try to make the tourists to feel like back in medieval times without missing the comfort of our times, with spas centers on the top of mountains, select restaurants and clubs, for stars hotels, all complemented by fresh mountain air and beautiful surroundings.
Even if you can't stay still all day eager to see as many beautiful places as possible, neither when the night falls you can't afford missing the show of lights coming out of the ground on that narrow streets of Sighisoara, enlightening all the buildings, giving them a mystical image and creating the unique atmosphere of the medieval citadel of Sighisoara. But better let the pictures speak because the beauty of that place lies in their details.