Thursday, 26 August 2010

Surrounded by beauty

There are so many beautiful things that surround us and we don't see them or don't appreciate theirs beauty. I think that everywhere we look at one moment exist something beautiful, beautiful children, beautiful places, beautiful landscapes. Even in ours homes we can find some examples. This are the beautys that I discovered in our house. Or maybe it's only my opinion. At least the photos agree with me.
So keep searching beauty everywhere!




Captive colors

Ping and Pong





Four times four

On top

Artificial love
Colors in circle

Lady bird


Flying rows

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Feeling blue

I used to love this song and today I remembered it. And I still love it.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lines are everywhere

This next photos are from yesterday and have been made in Herastrau Park, the largest park from Bucharest. I chose to include them in the theme Lines are everywhere because this is the message that it was sent to me when I saw them for the first time. I really like to take this kind of photos, I mean with geometrical shapes or with symmetry between different pieces of the landscape. It makes the picture more elaborated.

Sunny lines

Bridges fascinate me. I love theirs perfect symmetry, theirs perfection that assures the stability for sustaining thousands of kilos, the fact that they make every time the connection between something and something else.

Empty triangles

Stones rock the bridge

Straight to the sun

I admired in this landscape the symmetry between that two trees, everyone of them having a little fir tree on his right, and some bicycles on left.

Nine against one


I just love doing photos!

The perfect two

Friday, 20 August 2010


My theme today is Light and I tried to publish some interesting photos with chandeliers, lamps, bulbs or another source of artificial light. All the photos have been taken in my trips and these are some other beautiful things that kept my attention and make me believe there deserve to be memorable.
The first ones are from Casa Poporului (The House of People or Parliament Palace) from Bucharest, the second large building in the world who can also be proud about his wonderful chandeliers beside his other attractions.

The next two pictures were made inside the Orsay Museum from Paris.

To change a little bit the registers, but not the subject too I proposed a few pictures from Disneyland Paris. The first one shows a very nice presented book called Sleeping Beauty and it was made in the beautiful castle of sleeping beauty and the other two are depicting the castle windows painted with scenes from same story.

We stay at the theme of colored glasses with a picture from Grand Palais from Paris.

The next two Photos are from Mirror Hall of Versailles Palace the second one, and the clock belongs to Orsay Museum.

Finally I chosed The Notre Dame Cathedral to close this series of "light photos" with his chandelier enlightening the great architectural interior.