Monday, 9 August 2010

Been there, done photos- Sibiu's beauty

Today I will propose you another destination for a city break, Sibiu or Hermannstadt like his german cetizens call it. The city is situated in the heart of Romania, at 300km distance from Bucharest. His main attraction are the two squares called exactly like this , The Big square and The Little Square. I have been very nice surprised by the colors of this place and I can say now after I seen it also in the winter covered with snow that it is a lot more beautiful in the summer.
The city can be divided in two and I'm telling this because we can find there a modern city with tall buildings, offices, universities, schools, but also a different place which seems to be detached from old times, a place who has a specific charm created by colored churches, old houses, tours and museums. This second place is always full of tourists from all over the world sitting and discussing for a short coffee break and admiring the beauty of the place.
In the center of The Big Square can be seen pigeons, the main attraction for the children who have the pleasure to play with them or feed them with crumbs or seeds.
Another must view in Sibiu is the Brukental Museum which I am very happy to say that I saw it because I had the chance to see a few art exhibition including the famous paintings of Nicolae Grigorescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Teodor Aman (the last one became my favorite).The atmosphere from the interior courtyard of the museum was also special because of one artist who was playing on an electric piano, his sounds spreading in all the chambers hosting the art exhibition and also at the tables of a few tourists who were cooling themselves with a cold drink at the shadow of the Brukental Palace.

There were so much things that I liked there, beside the music, the people interest for beautiful things exposed by the smile on their faces and by the delight from their looks, the old lady with his little niece with whom we repeatedly met during our tour inside the Museum, the second courtyard, a smallest one this time but with his own delight where some other people were reading or simply discussing urged by the perfume of some roses bushes.
Other things that made me happy in that charming city were the flowers who enrich the beauty of this place, the sounds of the Central Tour which echoes at the each fourth quarter of an hour remembering us the old times of this city.
I finished this trip with an early in the morning stand at the Astra Museum, located a few miles away from Sibiu, a fairy tail place who tells the story of the Romanian history through his old but very good maintained construction, a place which can be very beautiful even if is a stormy weather or a sunny day.

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