Sunday, 26 September 2010

Beginings in London

Already a week has passed since we arrived in London. It was a busy week for us, but we tried to remain chill and to behave like ordinary tourists, as long as the time is still in our favor. When we left Bucharest we promised ouselves that we wont let a single day to pass away and we'll go to see every single interesting place in London. And, until today we kept our promises. Today we took a day off for rest and some shopping, but I'm sure that this city will surprise us again like it did every day until now.
My favorite places in this city are -at least for now- the London Bridge, Big Ben and Covent Garden. We also made some time to see a part of British Museum which was simply too big for my tired legs. I'm sad that I didn't saw yet the wonderful parks of London but this our first goal now.
All these walks were a good opportunity to make some wonderfull photos that capture the noise of this city, whose history can be found everywhere you look, his glamour and finally his beauty. I'm sorry that I didn't capture all that smells and flavors because, indeed in London on almost every street you can smell a different flavor of food. Even at the gate of British Museum we could smell some fried onions and sausages.
I also loved the pubs where people come after a day of work to drink a beer, most of them preferring to stand rather than to sit at a table.
My conclusion after such a week is that London is a very nice place, which continues to surprise us every single day.

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