Friday, 29 October 2010

Why the photographers don't love colors anymore?

Lately I've noticed a trend in photography that seems a little strange to me. Many photographers had quit playing with colors in their pictures by choosing the easiest option, or it seems to me or maybe I'm incapable to understand this matter of fact. I speak about their option to focus solely on black and white photographs. I understand that, for the sake of art, you have to be in the trend but why to give up on color almost every time especially when you have a powerful device that can sometimes, see better the beauty of an landscape than the human eye can. Or have so many scientists struggled in vain to reach this important step, from the black and white pictures, from that long wait processing time to instant digital photography? If they want to remain some retro artists, why don't they return to that dark laboratory to process pictures like they did it back then? Or anyone of them maybe is still keeping in theirs home a black and white TV for the sake of nostalgia?
I know I was a little mischievous and I recognize that some pictures look much better in black and white or sepia version or any other "old"color but from these up to the fact that a famous photographer makes only this kind of pictures it seems to much for me.

The pictures I've chosen to show my love for colors and especially for strong colors and contrasts are made during my long walks through London and there aren't all of them because London is a colorful city, both literally and figuratively .

Colors on the walls

Apple market without apples

Another indian in London

The new retro

Red edera

Vertical parking

The new bodyguard

Launch break

Differentiation for recognition

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