Monday, 12 September 2011

Thinking about North Sea

Today I don't feel very inspired but I feel like writing. It has been a somehow difficult period for me in the past weeks but I was lucky to make new friends who support me and now I am "alive and kicking" again.
It's already one month since I came back from Amsterdam and now is the last chance to write a post about the wonderful journey on the board of Stenaline ferryboat before I leave on a next holiday which is in a few days, as I promise to myself when I returned from Holland.
This time we chose to get to our destination in a more challenging way, by ferry from Harwick to Hook van Holland and then by train to Amsterdam with a short stop in Rotterdam. It was a very good decision because the one night trip with this giant ship was the most memorable thing in our whole journey. The view of the shore and the harbor in the night, the time spent on the deck under a beautiful plain moon were never-to-be-forget.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Heineken Experience photo reportage

Last month I had the great chance to spend some beautiful days in the noisy Amsterdam. A nice experience I'll never forget. I'd took advantage and went to see something that interested me mostly because of my other passion for Advertising and other things companies do to gain their costumers. I must say that what I saw really impressed me in a gooood way and I am admiring the team who transformed a former brewery into a museum, a modern and interactive one.
I will try to introduce and guide you through this challenging place and show you the levels of interactive experience through some photos I've made during the tour.
First of all I have to mention a little about the location  which is a former brewery now a historic building listed on the European Route of Industrial Heritage on the Stadhouderskade street ( I had to put this long name here although I could never pronounce it, I am still fascinated about the Dutch language and I still find it impossible to learn:))

      The big building was built as the first Heineken brewery in 1867, serving as the company's primary brewing facility until 1988 when a more modern, larger facility was constructed on the outskirts of the city. As the next photo shows "probably the best beer in the world" has been born from the entrepreneur view and initiative of a young man named Gerard Adriaan  Heineken in 1864 who just had the courage to try it.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Innocent Glamour

One of the things that I like most in doing photography is the opportunity too meet new people and build friendships with people from around the world. That's the beauty of London actually.And the fact that after a few years it will be someone in France, or maybe Spain (definitely in Spain) or Poland, Russia or Italy who will discover the photos I made for them when they were young and restless in this troubled London and will remember me with a photogenic smile on his or her face.
Last week it was Ola's turn to pose for me and we did a great job together. Although she is a little bit shy she has her own charm and such an expressive beautiful face.

This are my favorite ones. And the followers are :

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Can you choose the focus point after shooting? Yes, you can!

Now with the DSLR cameras photographers have to select the focus point and depth-of-field before pressing the shutter to define an area that's in focus. As we all know, mistakes can happen but now they can be repaired and the days when you've been frustrated that you've placed the focus point on the nose instead of the eyes, or you got the background instead of the model will be long gone.
Soon it will be possible to take one photo and decide later, after downloading the photo, where you'd like the point of focus to be. An idea that could revolutionize photography. And how is that going to happen ?
One company from US is expected to launch Lytro, a camera that allows you to focus retrospectively by recording with a new type of sensor the color,intensity and vector direction of every ray of light.This radical technology will be incorporated in a "Light Field " camera, being comparable more with a point-and-shoot camera than with a DSLR but his the creators have some ambitious plains with this new technology which is believed to be the most significant shift in photography since the transition from film to digital.The extra data in the light passing through the lens enables Lytro to memorize multiple points of focus in one image and allows the user to change the final look of each photo after it's been taken.

We are now keen to see if the words of investor Marc Andreessen who stated " Lytro's breakthrough technology will make conventional digital cameras obsolete" will come true or maybe how soon this will be?

How much would you want to be paid for giving up on Internet for all your life?

Would you be able to give up on your phone also or your IPAD? And how much do they worth to you? As they say in this video maybe you are richer than you think you are. Think about it. After you'll see the video you would want to think a little bit more on this.

As for myself I couldn't give up on Internet very easily. I am almost addicted( or can I say almost? I speak with my friends on Messenger, I see regularly updates from my friends life on Facebook, I find my clients on Internet,I am cooking on blogs recipes, I buy tickets, clothes, books etc. and I have all day long the biggest library in the world if I want to find or learn new stuff.Do you want more? I am sure you don't need because you are doing much more things on Internet than me.Finally I think that, even if I would like to give up it won't be possible, I would still have to interact with it some how.

Monday, 7 February 2011

New Years Eve Parade London

I know it's been a long time since I didn't write anything on my dear blog and I apologize for that my dear Thoughts Shredder. I want to tell you now a short story through some of the photos I shoot in one special day. It was the first of January, the first day of 2011 and also the first time I had seen something like that.
I'm talking about The New Years Eve Parade, a lively and vibrant London event wich encompasses a number of famous London landmarks in its route, including Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey. Crowds of 500000 people are expected to line the streets to cheer the parade as it passes. Sounds like fun.
I am careful to occupy a real good place in Pall Mall area to be able to take some great photos.
3.2.1. and Go SHOOT!

This year marks the silver anniversary of the New Years Day Parade extravaganza, a tradition that has brought the weird and the wonderful to the streets of London for 25 years. The New Years Day Parade is also one of London’s biggest charity fundraising events, having raised over a million pounds since the first parade in 1987.

For a gray rainy day of January my eyes are now rinsed with such magnificent colors.

Thousands of performers from all over the world are expected to take part this year, London residents and international performers alike, with everyone from dancers and musicians to clowns and puppeteers taking to the streets for some hours.

Even if there are only a few degrees these people don't seem to care about it. And many of them made a long way to get here from US.
I am witnessing a fairytale world with carriages, donkeys, elves. Alice in Wonderland is here too.

Jack Sparrow is in a good mood today. Or not?

Highlights included cycling clubs, Merrydowners Morris dancers, London Fire Brigade, an army of clowns, minis and morris minors, and a whole load of donkeys.

There were approximately a hundred different groups and performers that have been strutting their stuff at the parade, from American high school marching bands to London hospitals to environmental groups.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Feeling New Years Eve on Thames

It's New Years Eve ,two hours till 2011. We get off at Holborn Underground Station and marching towards Enbankement we follow the crowd to Thames shore. We meddle into scrimmage at the entrance point and question if it was a better idea to stay home this night.
We are now on Waterloo Bridge along with several thousand of people, a mix of all kind of nationalities.
Two Chinese couples sit quietly in front of us. Behind us a group of about six cheerful schoolgirls make noise and collide bottles attracting passers eyes.

The Savoy Hotel looks very beautiful tonight tonight and I can dare to imagine what view have the tourists from theirs high balconies.

Time passed slowly enough but soon we'll see e the much awaited fireworks. And here it is a short sample of them.

Everyone is with the camera up in the air to capture the moment.

Lots of kisses and hugs and Happy New Year!'s compose the spirit of these special night.

A big part of the crowd rushes to leave and continue the party elsewhere and everybody seems to be very happy about the fireworks and the time spent on the bridge.

No matter what some of them want to be everytime the first to leave the place and choose to jump the fence.Very determined people.

The party continues on the streets.

The nearest tube station are closed so we choose to walk along with the crowd to the next stations available.We are a little bit tired but this is the best choise. It is also a good opportunity to take some nice photos and to capture the fascination of the moment.

Unfortunately after the big fun on the streets have remained very much mess , also to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Happy New Year to everyone!