Thursday, 4 August 2011

How much would you want to be paid for giving up on Internet for all your life?

Would you be able to give up on your phone also or your IPAD? And how much do they worth to you? As they say in this video maybe you are richer than you think you are. Think about it. After you'll see the video you would want to think a little bit more on this.

As for myself I couldn't give up on Internet very easily. I am almost addicted( or can I say almost? I speak with my friends on Messenger, I see regularly updates from my friends life on Facebook, I find my clients on Internet,I am cooking on blogs recipes, I buy tickets, clothes, books etc. and I have all day long the biggest library in the world if I want to find or learn new stuff.Do you want more? I am sure you don't need because you are doing much more things on Internet than me.Finally I think that, even if I would like to give up it won't be possible, I would still have to interact with it some how.

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