Monday, 12 September 2011

Thinking about North Sea

Today I don't feel very inspired but I feel like writing. It has been a somehow difficult period for me in the past weeks but I was lucky to make new friends who support me and now I am "alive and kicking" again.
It's already one month since I came back from Amsterdam and now is the last chance to write a post about the wonderful journey on the board of Stenaline ferryboat before I leave on a next holiday which is in a few days, as I promise to myself when I returned from Holland.
This time we chose to get to our destination in a more challenging way, by ferry from Harwick to Hook van Holland and then by train to Amsterdam with a short stop in Rotterdam. It was a very good decision because the one night trip with this giant ship was the most memorable thing in our whole journey. The view of the shore and the harbor in the night, the time spent on the deck under a beautiful plain moon were never-to-be-forget.


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