Friday, 8 June 2012

One day in Milan . Second chapter: Tips for shopping.

One day is not enough to see Milan, to taste it, to enjoy it, to enter every single boutique in search for little souvenirs. I was very surprised by the good range of shoes, bags and cloths that you can find there at very good price. And they were exactly what I was looking for. 
Very stylish but yet simple and elegant.As a tip the future shoppers should begin their itinerary from the heart of the luxury shopping area in Milan: Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Sant'Andrea, elegant streets that together with Via Manzoni, Via Borgospesso and Via Santo Spirito are the outer limits of the famous Fashion Quadrilatero. This area has the most prestigious boutiques and showrooms in the world, full of minimalist design and high tech shops.The extremely elegant Via Manzoni is home to Spazio Armani at no. 31. This is the Giorgio Armani multi-concept store where you can admire the Emporio Armani showrooms, Armani casa, and Armani fiori. 

  Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Buenos Aires, Via Torino and Corso di Porta Ticinese are as well very important shopping dedicated streets especially if your looking for more affordable purchases.

Corso Buenos Aires,  one of the longest streets in Europe, connects Porta Venezia to Piazzale Loreto, and is even more commercial: here you can find Timberland, Mandarina Duck, Benetton, Kookai and Nara Camice. 

Lots of choices ladies! Next time I will reserve at least one day just for shopping and two checked-in luggage  :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

One day in Milan

Although I don't have left any ethos or pathos, power or inspiration at this late hour after 10 hours at work I still want to keep my promise to myself that I am going to write here something every single evening. Today I hope that my milanese mood will inspire somebody to visit some Lombardian landscapes.
Milan left me a good impression though not a wow one.Some Italians whom I met there, insisted that I have to visit Rome or Napoli or Florence for something really remarkable. Next time maybe. Some short research on web brought that Milan is the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy as well as of the province of Milan. The city proper has a population of about 1.3 million, while its urban area is the 5th largest in EU and the largest in Italy with an estimated population of approximately 5 million.
My first contact with Milan, after not a nice travel with an old and dirty train was the big Stazione Centrale, a very impressive architectural building , crowded and noisy and not very well signalized for the foreign tourists. It made me miss the numerous maps from London's underground. After traveling with the underground transport in several European cities I still feel this is the best organized and helpful, followed by the Parisian one, while the one from Barcelona makes you feel you're in a big troubled jungle.

First one on every tourist's map is the Dome, an imposing and solemn Cathedral build in a beautiful Gothic style. The atmosphere inside was very warm and peaceful, less commercial and touristique than Notre Dame or Westminster Abbey for example.

After trying to have a panoramic view over the city from an hop on hop off bus but been  chased off by a heavy rain - which is why I returned with so few photos - I had a nice shaorma ( I know it's not healthy so don't be too harsh) in a small Turkish restaurant recommended by some great food local connaisseurs (GFLC:)).

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First glance at Italy. Bergamo!

End of May, the perfect time to visit the hot Italy. Or not, if you have the unbelievable luck to fight there with a steady and heavy rain, thunders and one earthquake. The last one, I didn't had the chance to feel it at all because it happened during the night and my tired bones were unable to feel nothing but the soft bed. Ohh but the rain I felt it even through my socks and the thunders and the presence of my old friends made me feel I was 5 years old again when, during the bad storms with strong thunders, I used to lock myself in my room and pray my little ducks won't drawn.
It was the first time when I flew alone, the main reason I lost my plane and had to wait 7 hours for the next one and pay for a ticket three times more than the return one.And so I lost the only sunny day from my holiday hanging around through Stansted Airport. But I am happy I took this decision. The flight was really enjoyable, some turbulence at the beginning and nobody's hand to grab but I was very excited so time flew very quickly. In the afternoon, supposed to be morning but... I landed at Orio Airport close to Bergamo where my three day journey begun. The first evening gave me the first opportunity to discover la dolce vita through some traditional home made lasagne and tiramisu by Cornelia, my dearest cousin, a proper big Italian pizza  and the cherry on the top of the cake was a delicious... black cherries gelato meaning the best ice cream ever. What can be better? Black cherry and ice cream all together.

 I didn't had the chance to explore Bergamo on my first day there, but at a first glance through the car's windows it resembled very well with any Romanian city. I will discover a day after that there were quite a few differences. Here are some borrowed photos from the web with Bergamo. Mine are coming soon straight from Italy due to battery problems.
To be continued!