Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First glance at Italy. Bergamo!

End of May, the perfect time to visit the hot Italy. Or not, if you have the unbelievable luck to fight there with a steady and heavy rain, thunders and one earthquake. The last one, I didn't had the chance to feel it at all because it happened during the night and my tired bones were unable to feel nothing but the soft bed. Ohh but the rain I felt it even through my socks and the thunders and the presence of my old friends made me feel I was 5 years old again when, during the bad storms with strong thunders, I used to lock myself in my room and pray my little ducks won't drawn.
It was the first time when I flew alone, the main reason I lost my plane and had to wait 7 hours for the next one and pay for a ticket three times more than the return one.And so I lost the only sunny day from my holiday hanging around through Stansted Airport. But I am happy I took this decision. The flight was really enjoyable, some turbulence at the beginning and nobody's hand to grab but I was very excited so time flew very quickly. In the afternoon, supposed to be morning but... I landed at Orio Airport close to Bergamo where my three day journey begun. The first evening gave me the first opportunity to discover la dolce vita through some traditional home made lasagne and tiramisu by Cornelia, my dearest cousin, a proper big Italian pizza  and the cherry on the top of the cake was a delicious... black cherries gelato meaning the best ice cream ever. What can be better? Black cherry and ice cream all together.

 I didn't had the chance to explore Bergamo on my first day there, but at a first glance through the car's windows it resembled very well with any Romanian city. I will discover a day after that there were quite a few differences. Here are some borrowed photos from the web with Bergamo. Mine are coming soon straight from Italy due to battery problems.
To be continued!

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