Framed Stories is a 3 years old Photography Online Studio that was born as a direct result of a huge passion for photography, people and places. It started as a space and medium of sharing my experiences and my love for travel with a wider audience than close friends and family. And since then it took me through a great journey, from London to Paris, Barcelona or Berlin, giving me the chance to meet extraordinary people, great artists and make them dear friends. 
I enjoyed the most going to music gigs, they are great fun believe me, shooting LP's covers and artist portofolios. I am really grateful for the chance to live in London, such a fabulous city with loads of lovely spots for photoshooting, great events to cover and a beautiful mix of modern and traditional British architecture. 
Take a peek at my latest work on  www.framedstories.com or on http://blog.framedstories.com/
If you’d like to have a photosession for your portofolio as a model, a singer, an actor or another interesting project or just send me a thumbs up letter, job offer, or just a friendly email, please get in touch at loredana@framedstories.com. I appreciate all the feedback I can get, so just shoot anything you think is worth sharing.Yours truly, Loredana Paraponte

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